Urban Plan for Public Officials

Be the Best at What You Do
The Urban Land Institute offers resources on the intersection of real estate development and land use. Members can become trained volunteers to contribute to this specialized workshop. If you are interested in attending a workshop, bringing the workshop to your jurisdiction, or are a member interested in volunteer training, please contact us at centralflorida@uli.org.

Urban Plan for Public Officials

UrbanPlan for Public Officials workshops are ideal for local decision makers who would like to learn more about the fundamental forces that shape and affect the built environment and the important leadership roles that elected and appointed officials play in the real estate development process.

ULI offers the one-day workshop in the Central Florida region through this District Council. We can also work with local jurisdictions to have private workshops, as a retreat for elected officials, or as a team-building exercise for senior decision-making staff, for a sponsorship fee.

Leverage Public/Private Partnerships

The workshop will enable public officials to better understand the trade-offs and risk at play in the entitlement and negotiation process associated with land use, especially in public/private partnerships. The UrbanPlan case study is an example of a city-led redevelopment effort where compromise needs to be met between the locality, development team selected in the RFP, and the community.

Join an UrbanPlan for Public Officials workshop and learn the tools needed to make your community successful.

Contact kellee.seif@uli.org to learn how to be a part of an upcoming workshop or hold one for your jurisdiction.



James Benderson

James Benderson, CRA Director for Town of Eatonville
“I really found the workshop to be informative. I would recommend it to anyone involved in development. And I am very interested in bringing the workshop to my Town.”
[note: The Town of Eatonville held a sole jurisdiction workshop two months later.]


Mayor Bill Mutz

Bill Mutz, Mayor of the City of Lakeland
“I truly benefitted from today’s workshop as it allowed us to sense a myriad of conflicting pressures in a shortened amount of time and to see the fruit of others’ creative answers to the same quandary. I highly recommend this to others and will consider an opportunity in the future where it might benefit our Team locally.”


Joe R. Zimmerman, Mayor of the City of Sugar Land, Texas
“UrbanPlan for Public Officials exposes you to what a community experiences when a development project is planned. The exercise demonstrates how to balance the perspective of all parties to the benefit of both the community and the developer. This is how it should work.”


Judith Garcia, Chelsea City Council, Massachusetts
“I was invited to take part in the inaugural class of ULI Boston’s UrbanPlan Public Leadership Institute. Through UrbanPlan, I came to better understand that being a developer requires a long-term perspective; it involves taking into consideration the needs of different stakeholders while measuring risk.”


Patrick Wojahn, Mayor of College Park, Maryland
“UrbanPlan is an opportunity to gain new perspective on the development process. It’s particularly useful to get a view of the fiscal constraints that developers face when trying to accommodate communities. You learn how to balance getting what you can from a developer but not pushing them too hard, so everyone wins.”