ULI in Action

ULI members and District Councils collaborate with other stakeholders to implement consensus-based solutions for better communities, in areas such as sustainability, infrastructure, smart growth, workforce housing, regional cooperation and visioning, public sector outreach, and urban initiatives.

ULI in Action

The Urban Land Institute addresses community building and land use issues by working with ULI members and District Councils at the national, state and local levels to help influence policy and practice. ULI leaders identify challenges to better land use and development, highlight best practices from across the country, and develop new solutions to improve land use patterns.

Our involvement includes:

Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs)
ULI Regional Collaboration
Regional Water Strategy
Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Encore Entrepreneurship: ULI Central Florida Polls Members for New Report

ULI Central Florida conducted a study of Florida residents staying longer in the workforce, with the support of a ULI Innovation Grant and UCF MetroCenter. The two-part study, co-chaired by Diane Trees and Lisa Dilts, collected quantitative data from a statewide online survey and qualitative data from workshops conducted in five geographic areas throughout Florida.


The final report addresses and explores three main areas:

· Plans for retirement of Florida residents 55 and older;
· Trends and workspace solutions for increasing number of encore careers and entrepreneurs; and
· Impacts of this population continuing to work beyond traditional retirement.

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