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Convo With… Chair Greg Witherspoon

Don’t miss our Convo With…ULI Central Florida Chair Greg Witherspoon – Principal & VP of Business Development/Canin & Assoc.

What is your background with ULI?
ULI has been a consistent resource for me. I became involved in ULI during Masters school in Oklahoma where it was a great resource for learning about my profession as well as best practices in planning and design. It was important when I moved to New Mexico for work and then when I moved to Florida ULI helped me quickly integrate into the local real estate industry.

What’s the biggest benefit of ULI?
The mix of people. The real estate industry is so big that it’s easy to be pigeonholed in your own professional world. ULI brings the best of real estate together – everything you need to build a city. And it truly broadens your perspective about what this industry is all about. I love that it attracts the best professionals from a broad array of disciplines.

You’re mid-term as chair of the Central Florida District Council. What are you most proud of so far?
The growth of our membership. We’ve accomplished that through improved advertising and increasing exposure through WLI, Young Leaders, sponsorship appreciation, and coordinated statewide events. The annual ULI Summit is a big benefit to all Florida ULI members.

What’s your focus for your next year as chair?
Strengthening our program offerings with timely topics.

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