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Event Recap: Orlando vs. the World – How Orlando Competes in the Global Retail Market

ULI Central Florida Event Orlando vs the World Presentation

ULI Central Florida’s event Orlando vs. the World – How Orlando Competes in the Global Retail Market kicked off with a presentation by John Crossman, President at Crossman & Company. Crossman set the stage with a simple example of why tourism-based retail is so powerful: If one household buys two or three bottles of ketchup per year, a timeshare household buys that same bottle fifty times per year. In addition to this higher volume of sales on regular items, retailers enjoy major markups on souvenirs and luxury retailers see much … Read More

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Tech-Savvy Gen Y Flocks to Stores

Despite being far more tech-savvy than previous generations, Generation Y, the 80-million strong cohort of Americans between the ages of 18 and 35, has not forsaken shopping in stores for online purchasing—as long as retailers keep their offerings “fresh” and interesting, says a new report from ULI. Generation Y: Shopping and Entertainment in the Digital Age explores the shopping preferences of Gen Yers, who associate shopping with socializing, and who place a high value on living close to retail. It notes that while Gen Yers enjoy shopping and dining out, they … Read More

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