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Event Recap: Local Food + Local Culture = New Market Development in Orlando

What do you get when you mix a budding local food scene with people adamant about making a difference in their community? In the case of John Rife and his team, the outcome is a new mixed-use market building: the East End Market. Although it is not officially open until October 25, ULI members and guests were treated to a sneak preview last week, along with some surprises.   The morning began with registration, coffee, and networking outside the market’s main entrance. The building, an existing two-story, L-shaped structure, used … Read More

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Post: Adaptive Reuse

End Market Photo Essay Construction Orlando Local Food by Tina Craig

Often times, older structures fall behind in our fast-paced, sprawling development style. Technology, politics, and economics all contribute to this decline, often leaving nothing more than a vacant eye sore. An urban planning method, known as adaptive reuse, is looking to reverse this trends one project at a time.   The mission of adaptive reuse, as defined by MIT, is “to prolong the period from cradle-to-grave for a building by retaining all or most of the structural system and as much as possible of other elements, such as cladding, glass, and interior partitions.” … Read More

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